Let’s Root for the Home Team

Sometimes, when you least expect it, an abundance of pride rushes in.

On Sunday evening, the children and I tuned in to the Super Bowl to watch the much-anticipated Giants-Patriots rematch. As Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton sang those cherished words about God blessing America the kids sweetly sang along. Suddenly, the crowd at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis came alive! The thunderous roar of cheers were not for Eli Manning or Tom Brady– but for the fleeting moments of a live feed featuring Marines from Regimental Combat Team-5, broadcast directly from Camp Leatherneck in Afghanistan. Hearing the crowd cheer made my heart swell and tears flooded my eyes.

Taking my emotional cue, our 6-year-old daughter and 5-year-old son both started to cry . . . but they did not understand why. We gathered on the couch in a big weepy pile as I explained to them that we were shedding happy tears because America just rallied for the real home team — those servicemen and women in Afghanistan — and that America is beautiful and cares very much about them . . . and by extension for their dad.

They smiled and started to process these proud thoughts while really missing their dad. We sat, catching our breath, wiping tears just as Kelly Clarkson started belting out the National Anthem. Once more, the screen cut to the Marines standing at attention, and Indianapolis roared with genuine and wildly enthusiastic pride and appreciation. 

Our daughter pointed at the television shouting, “I just saw Daddy!”

This time, it was tears of laughter. For the record: she did not see her Daddy. Let’s remember, she’s 6 . . . the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines all with their shaved heads and combat print uniforms — they’re like a herd of zebras and it’s impossible for her to tell the difference!

So let’s all continue to root for our real home team – the US Armed forces stationed near and far. We at Our Dad’s Flag are keeping our heads in the game: get the flag to certain people and places on our list and ask them to promote patriotism, get the flag back and keep it moving until the final score: Dad makes a touchdown back on the home field.  

Need More Flag?

Of course you do and we do too! Unfortunately, there are no visits to report this week, Our Dad’s Flag is currently busy out promoting patriotism and we hope to get it back soon. In the meantime, enjoy our daughter’s musuem quality portrait of “Major Tedd D. Bear” with Our Dad’s Flag.

Final Scores

  • Congratulations to the NY Giants!
  • Our Dad’s Flag social media coming soon to Twitter and Facebook (thank you Eiei).
  • Thank you for reading Our Dad’s Flag. If you enjoy it, be sure to share it!

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7 Responses to Let’s Root for the Home Team

  1. alexa says:

    😃😃this is awesome very very very very happy to be a follower😍😍

  2. RsLittleBrother says:

    Oh, and that Teddy Bear is GRRRRREAT!!!

  3. RsLittleBrother says:

    Jamie and I were reading your lovely piece and I was getting a little choked up myself. Tell those kids to stay strong, their daddy is a brave and wonderful man who we are all very proud of.

  4. Lorna Rubin says:

    That was a very touching piece! I love (the) beautiful picture too 🙂

  5. Patty Byrne says:

    That was the best one yet! A little teary. You certainly know how to paint a picture. Go team go.

  6. auntytam says:

    Keep the children’s portraits coming! I loved seeing Our Dad’s Flag “flown” in another (crayon?!) medium on “Major Tedd D. Bear’s” torso!

  7. sschmidtinfredonia says:

    What a great story! I didn’t watch much of the Super Bowl, but I did catch the servicemen and the cheers from the stadium. Many of the men had smiles on their faces after realizing the cheers were for them!

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