You’re Sugar, You’re Spice

It’s been a rough week near – and especially far – but this sweet morsel is worth mentioning given the 100th Anniversary of the Girl Scouts. Is that a hint of Thin Mint in the air?!

Playing the Dance Card

We have to admit, this was a hard one; the Girl Scouts Daisy-Daddy-Daughter-Dance. We thank our cousin George who played stand-in for Dad while he’s deployed in Afghanistan. George wiped away her tears and provided endless smiles and great memories.  Our little girl is thrilled with her new “Father Daughter Dance” patch and wears it on her Daisy tunic with pride. Dad was able to get some pictures of the event via email and wants our daughter to remember that no matter how far away, You’re sugar, you’re spice. You’re everything nice and you’re Daddy’s little girl.

Major Ted D. Bear with the new Daisy patch and the evening's corsage.

Need More Flag?

Of course you do! We’ll get to it soon but in the meantime, be sure to track our friends Anna and Kristy Berington as they’re nearing the Iditarod finish line! Our Dad’s Flag will be pulling into Nome at any moment. What an incredible journey! We can’t wait to congratulate the girls, their dogs and all the teams in The Last Great Race.

There are lots of other exciting visits coming too. Hint: your Irish eyes will be smiling! Check back for updates and please keep Daddy’s little girl in your thoughts as you order and enjoy some Samoas, a few Thin Mints, a couple of Do-si-Dos, a Tagalong or two, some more Thin Mints. . .

We share this blog with our Dad as often as possible including your good wishes and comments! Want to send him a note? Use the Comments link below or feel free to email us at Be sure to sign up as an email follower, share this, tweet all about it and like us on Facebook.

Happy anniversary to the Girl Scouts and thanks to Halle, Amy and Maddy for the yummy Girl Scout cookies!   

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3 Responses to You’re Sugar, You’re Spice

  1. Elizabeth C. says:

    you are a great girl scout!!!!!! and i hope you had fun
    i get to go to those dances too for girl scouts!
    stay strong
    you rock


  2. auntytam says:

    Everyone in Our Dad’s Flag family is earning their stripes! Congratulations to your daughter on the latest and very special patch on her Daisy tunic. Hats off to Cousin George for stepping in (“dancing in”?!) for Dad. High-fives and handshakes to Dad and the troops in Afghanistan. And keep up the great work on!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Did you say “thin mints”? i will pick up my order in April!

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