There’s No Place Like Nome

Kristy and Anna Berington with Our Dad's Flag at The Burled Arch, Iditarod finish line, Nome, AK.

Congratulations to Anna and Kristy Berington on their completion of the 40th Annual Iditarod, The Last Great Race on Friday, March 16th. The sisters and their trusty sled dog teams passed under the Burled Arch in Nome, AK just over 12 days after they left Willow, AK, the official start of the Iditarod. What an amazing feat!

Anna and Kristy have made Iditarod history as the first set of twins and first sisters to be in the race . .  . and they’ve also made Our Dad’s Flag history by letting us be part of the action from Anchorage to Nome!  Our Dad’s Flag traveled in Anna’s sled over the entire Iditarod trail.

As mentioned in our past posts, Anna and Kristy’s big sister Kat kept a great Iditarod Race Blog which you can read and get the inside scoop of what was really, a great race. Also, visit their Seeing Double Sled Dog Racing website for some great race photos and upcoming photos entitled  Twins’ Eye View of the Trail.  (Attention Literary Agents: With all this, it seems like there should be a Berington book deal in the making!)

The sled dogs and mushers have all returned home and are hopefully enjoying some rest, relaxation and treats. We are honored that the entire Berington family embraced our little project in patriotism, and along with their dogs, took ALL families of those serving in the Armed Forces to such great lengths.  Thank you very mush . . . uh, much!

The Long Journey Home

Our Dad's Flag - coming home!

With Our Dad being so far away from home, we are keeping busy by hosting a homecoming party each time his flag returns to us. By the time he returns from Afghanistan  – we’ll be party professionals! So what’s the next homecoming party theme you ask? Maybe a parade of some small measure . . . or maybe a visit of Olympic proportions ? Hmmm . . . can you guess where Our Dad’s Flag goes next? Stay tuned!

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Photos courtesy of Kat Berington - thank you!!!

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3 Responses to There’s No Place Like Nome

  1. Anonymous says:

    great alaska piece

    lets hear it for the twins the dogs the sled and those overseas too !!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    What an amazing accomplishment for all who were in the race. How nice the “flag” accompanied the twins!

  3. auntytam says:

    The Twins and Our Dad’s Flag look great in these photos! What a great chapter in Our Dad’s Flag journey. Well done.

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