The Boss

He was “born in the U.S.A.” He’s from New Jersey. He’s done tours all over the world. He’s known for his incredible vocals. He is The Boss. Our Dad’s Flag recently had an exciting visit with this star – actually, all four stars.

Before we continue — a quick note to all our Jersey Shore friends — he might not be the boss you’re thinking about . . .  In regard to the Armed Forces, he is the boss as the highest ranking military officer in the United States. Our Dad’s Flag was honored to visit with 4-star General Martin E. Dempsey, Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Land, Sea and Air

General Martin E. Dempsey - "The Boss"

Although not functioning in a combatant command, General Dempsey is the principal military advisor in the United States – in essence, he’s “The Boss.” The ‘joint’ aspect of the Joint Chiefs of Staff refers to the top officers from the Army, Navy, Marine Corps and Air Force along with key members of their staff. General Dempsey consults with them and advises the President, Secretary of Defense, and National Security Council on assorted concerns. “Like what?” you ask. Hmmm.  How about continued and secure strategic partnerships with Afghanistan security forces, maintaining troop strength and morale, any of the little goings-on in Asia and the Middle East like Iran, Syria, North Korea? Let’s not forget to mention fiscal struggles, global security, space, cyber space, etc . . . you know, nothing too, too big! But seriously folks, our family is honored that he took the time out of what must be an incredibly busy life to participate in Our Dad’s Flag!

The CJCS leads our Profession of Arms. He is the steward of our military profession, and with the Joint Chiefs is the keeper of our values, ethics, and standards. He integrates the collective strengths and unique cultures of each service into a Joint Team during both peace and war, promoting Jointness. Professionalism and Jointness are perishable, they must be cultivated.

From “America’s Military – A Profession of Arms” White Paper

Military Family and More

General Dempsey is “career” Army. He graduated from the United States Military Academy (West Point) and has served through numerous conflicts, ranks, locations, and roles including Chief of Staff of the Army (Our Dad knows General Dempsey and had the honor and pleasure of attending this Arrival and Swearing-In Ceremony!) His awards and decorations are too numerous to mention — he is after all, a four star general.  While his military family includes active, guard and reserve service members, wounded warriors, families and veterans – his real-life family includes his wife Deanie (his “high school sweetheart”), their three children who have all served in the Army and a growing platoon of grandchildren. And we are serious about the earlier mention of incredible vocals – he’s a great singer! Google it if you don’t believe us! For a more thorough biography on General Dempsey visit the website of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Another Day, Another Opportunity

General Dempsey is a military leader who not only focuses on preparedness, responsibility and strategy but places great value on service members, their families, returning vets and wounded warriors.  He recently spoke at the Defense Department’s Warrior Resilience Conference on earning a bond of trust with service members and their families. In one part he posed the question, “is this just another day or is today another opportunity…?” He takes every day as another opportunity to help build the best defense strategy, balance the scales for women in the military, promote improvement for the individual and institution, and among so many others things – create the “best led and the best trained force in the world.”   

Red, White Paper and Blue

Need a quick jolt of clarity about our armed forces and a rush of patriotism? Read any of General Dempsey’s recent White Papers available on the JCS webpage, namely A Profession of Arms or Mission Command. Become informed about what’s at stake. Become aware of what’s required. Become inspired by our nation’s potential come 2020. Or you can read up on the numerous things that the Warrior and Family Support Office of the JCS offers and what you can do to help be part of the grateful nation – these white papers will have you proud of the red, white and blue!   

Social Media Military

General Dempsey takes to social media to keep the forces and public in touch with all the latest and greatest of his Chair affairs. He’s on Facebook and writes a blog on the Department of Defense website  and is even on Twitter  as @Martin_Dempsey.  He tweets people! He tweets! How cool is that?!

Need More Jointness?

It is said that the idea of joining ‘chiefs’ of available staff has a history dating back to the War of 1812 when General Ulysses S. Grant rallied naval support from Admiral David Porter for military planning and campaign tactics in Vicksburg.  The official idea of “joint” work, based on Churchill’s example of the British Chiefs of Staff, was started and stopped in the US a few times before official incorporation through the National Security Act of 1947. It was revamped with the Goldwater-Nichols Act in 1986. General Martin E. Dempsey is the 18th Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.  “Continue mission!”

A 4 Star Thank You!

Our thanks go out to General Martin E. Dempsey and his staff and especially to his family. His is one that we’re sure is incredibly familiar with the blue star service flag — all too well! We know that Our Dad is thrilled and honored by this visit.

Where to Now Our Dad’s Flag?

We skipped last week’s update but we’ve got good excuses! Please forgive mom – tee ball season just started and with Dad deployed it’s been time consuming for her to catch our 5-year-old-son up on the basics – especially the idea that you need only throw the ball to first base – not the ball and mitt. It’s also Irish dance recital time with our daughter jiggin’ and reelin’. (And many thanks to our Irish Dance school for the special Kelly Emcee “shout out” for Our Dad in Afghanistan!)

What are the next visits? Here are some hints: 1. the pipes are calling and 2. the bell ain’t ringing.

Tango Mike (thanks much) for reading. Our Dad’s Flag is a tribute for all of General Dempsey’s military family — active, guard and reserve service members, wounded warriors, families and veterans — so be sure to tell others about this project by sharing this, tweeting all about it and/or liking us on Facebook.   Charlie Mike! (continue mission!)

The Boss’ Boss Pick

As for those of you who expected  the other “Boss” Bruce Springsteen – should we send him Our Dad’s Flag? We’d love to hear your thoughts.  As for The Boss on The Boss – we wonder if General Dempsey has a favorite song by Bruce . . Hmmm. If we hear, we’ll let you know!

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  1. auntytam says:

    Excellent post and information. I viewed a few of the links and see that Gen. Dempsey was in Afghanistan this week. That must make all of the troops and Our Dad feel good knowing they have the support of The Boss. God bless them all.

  2. Lorna Rubin says:

    You did a great job luring us in to that one! It’s very impressive that General Dempsey took the time to participate in “Our Dad’s Flag”. My husband is from the Jersey Shore and my daughter is a major Springsteen fan, so we have a couple of connections to your latest writing piece. Terrific job!

  3. Anonymous says:

    great write up interesting stuff

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