Flag & Dad Days

Memo as dictacted by the kids, 5 ½ and 7 years old:

Happy Father’s Day Dad! We love you and miss you. When are you coming home? Will you get summer vacation?  (Boy, 5 1/2 y.o. says:) I’m training for America Ninja Warrior. (Girl, 7 y.o. says:) I’m a munchkin in the summer play of Wizard of Oz, can you come see it? Ask your boss. We love you!

A fitting tribute to Flag Day, Father’s Day and the Army’s 237th birthday!

All of us at Our Dad’s Flag wish all the dads out there . . . and all those beyond . . .  a great day. And Happy Birthday to the US Army! 237 years old and looking stronger and better than ever!

Now We Wish You a Happy Flag Day!

So it happens one day. You’re sitting in the pew of your select house of worship when the gentleman next to you leans over and asks for an unexpected favor.  In this case the question is not necessarily WWJD? (read: What Would Jesus Do?)  It’s WWBRD? Well, Betsy Ross would say, giving a positive nod in her white Quaker bonnet, “Yes, indeed. I’m happy to help.”  As legend has it, (with some of Our Mom’s own fictitious flare) that this is what happened when a notable fellow worshipper named George Washington asked the good seamstress, Mrs. Betsy Ross, to make up the new flag for the United colonies…America.

Happy Flag Day and thanks to “Betsy” and Lisa Acker Moulder at the Betsy Ross House in Philadelphia, PA!

In honor of Flag Day, Our Dad’s Flag was recently hosted by Mrs. Ross herself (pictured here with her reenactor) in her upholstery shop at the Betsy Ross House in Philadelphia. “Dad” has fond memories of visiting the house when he was a child and cannot wait to return from Afghanistan to bring his own children there for a visit. Our incredible thanks to Lisa Acker Moulder, Betsy Ross House Director, and to all at Historic Philadelphia for hosting Our Dad’s Flag and displaying the flag for a day at this historic home. So here’s our Father’s Day gift to Dad — the virtual visit to his boyhood memory. We can’t wait for you to get home and take a road trip. For everyone else, start making up your own history and visit Historic Philadelphia to plan a fun summer trip to Philly and be sure to tell Betsy we said “Hi!”

From Continental to Contemporary

The first American flag was referred to as the Continental Colors (or the Grand Union Flag) featuring the British Union Jack. After the founding fathers penned the Declaration of Independence it was time for a flag redesign with more independent appeal. The story of Betsy Ross’ involvement is still a bit of a mystery as its design is disputed among historians. Over time Betsy’s family said that George Washington and a few others representing the “flag committee” of Congress came to her upholstery shop with a small sketch of a flag with 13 stripes and 13 stars.

Again, according to family legend, Betsy used her seamstress know-how to suggest improvements in design. This new rectangular flag featuring 13 5-pointed stars stitched in a circle with the 13 stripes was soon raised and flown on naval ships and the design became the official American Flag on June 14, 1777 with the Congress passing the “Flag Resolution.”

As most of us know, the design of the flag evolved over time — more stars, more stripes – and became too cluttered. Today, we enjoy a flag that will always feature 13 stripes as a tribute to the original 13 colonies and . . . for now, 50 stars.

Fly It High and Proud!

So Happy Flag Day to all! On June 14th display your Grand Old Flag with pride and please remember that Our Dad and all the troops abroad are saluting and pledging the ultimate allegiance to our sweet land of liberty!

Need More Stars & Stripes?

Think of the pride and glory experienced by Olympic Athletes representing TEAM USA at the  raising of the American flag while they take the podium to win bronze, silver and gold! How about supporting TEAM USA, the United States Olympic and Paralympic teams? London’s calling and the 2012 games are right around the corner! Team USA’s fundraising program Raise Our Flag gives you an opportunity to put a stitch in the American flag! They say it is, “more than a flag you’re helping to build. Every time you add a stitch, you are helping to build Team USA.”  So again, WWBRD? As a patriotic seamstress, she’d help stitch and raise the flags they carry. Won’t you? For more information, visit Raise Our Flag

Although our project trains mainly from sea to shining sea…you never know if Our Dad’s Flag might “cross the pond” Stay tuned . . .

So have a great Flag Day pledging allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and a great Father’s Day as we miss “Our Dad” so far from home — as well as so many other troops away from their family and friends! If you like our family project in patriotism, share it with a friend and especially a Veteran. Feel free to tweet all about it and like us on Facebook. 

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2 Responses to Flag & Dad Days

  1. D. Walsh says:

    How incredibly, incredibly precious….summer vacation and ask your boss!! I bet they will be the most precious American Ninja warrior & Munchkin ever! Fabulous job holding down the fort, teaching all of us so many patriotic lessons & history, and keeping the spirits high! R, we all miss you – be safe with all our troops – God Bless you for your service to our country! – D

  2. sschmidtinfredonia says:

    Great information! I have been teaching my students about the importance of the US flag and how to respect it. Sadly, these traditions have been lost over the years. I have told my students that when they salute the flag that they are actually saluting our soldiers past and present. Happy Flag Day!

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