Rock On . . . And On

Cleveland, OH Rocks

Our Dad’s Flag at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame & Museum. Rock on!!!

Cleveland does rock . . . and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum is just the place to go for a rockin’ awesome time. Our Dad’s Flag recently hung out backstage and on stage at the famed mecca of rock and roll – where the most cherished treasures and fondest memories of rock are displayed and honored. Our special thanks to The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum President & CEO Terry Stewart and the awesome communications/marketing interns Ellen Krantz and Kelly Terez for hosting Our Dad’s Flag and supporting our troops and all families that hang a blue star flag!

Your Backstage Pass

Our Dad’s Flag takes the Main Stage!

Think you know it all because you used to read Rolling Stone in college? Well, there’s a whole world of rock and roll knowledge out there at your finger tips and then when you find yourself in Cleveland, go see it all for yourself. In the meantime, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum’s website is your backstage pass that covers decades of music from the evolution of The Platters to the up-and-coming on the music scene. Want to be hip with the grandkids? Want to prove to your children or nieces & nephews why the 80’s were so awesome? Need some translations about what exactly is Lady Gaga’s orbit? Be on the pulse of the newest inductees into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and subscribe to the RSS Feed or just visit the site and the blog and keep in time to the beat. 

Sight & Sound Tracks

On our virtual visit, sometimes Mom had to translate the content to the 7 and 5 year old’s levels of understanding… for example, “Do you remember that song from the movie Megamind that goes, (in their mom’s terrible singing voice), “Crazy, but that’s how it goes…’” or when Mom reminds them of the school talent show when the boy sang “All you need is love” . . . and they both started singing the refrain, smiling and nodding in agreement.  On the museum’s website we especially loved the Spotlight Artifacts Exhibit while mom tried to teach the important accompanying life-lessons:  

  •  Joey Ramone’s leather jacket – a quintessential part of any rock and roll wardrobe
  • AC/DC High School uniform/outfit – behave, or it’s boarding school!  
  • Handwritten lyrics by Chuck Berry, Jimi Hendrix – penmanship is so important
  • The Cub Scout shirt of Jim Morrison, The Doors  – “I, promise to do my best…”  
  • John Lennon’s Sgt. Pepper’s costume – military by design, with a twist of hipster
  • Michael Jackson’s singular bedazzled glove – yes, the 80’s were that awesome

The showdown of guitars ranging from Johnny Cash’s classic acoustic six string to the electric and equally eclectic choices of Joe Strummer from the Clash and Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain are a sight to see. But the hands down winner, according to our soon to be 6-year-old birthday boy (who asked for a “real rock and roll guitar” for his b-day!) is the awesome rectangular guitar played by none other than…Bo Diddley.

Riffs & RIP

Before Our Dad left for Afghanistan, we loaded up his iTouch with some great tunes, including some of the 2012 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductees’, The Beastie Boys. Rest in peace Adam Yauch.

More Rock, Less Blog

Enjoy this awesome PDF slideshow featuring more pictures and captions of Our Dad’s Flag visit to the Hall of Fame and Museum, courtesy of Ellen Krantz and Kelly Terez (click on the link below.)  Thanks from all of us at Our Dad’s Flag — Rock on!!! Rock Hall – Our Dad’s Flag

Detroit, MI:  Here’s A Rockin’ Bonus Flag Visit

Our thanks to Ted Nugent for always supporting the troops!

By direct request form the troops in Afghanistan – Our Dad’s Flag is proud to officially diagnose you all with a bit of Cat Scratch FeverOur Dad’s Flag was recently hosted by the famed rocker, activist, meat-hunting-and-eating, Ted Nugent. We were thrilled to fulfill Dad’s direct request for the flag to visit with him. Soo many of the troops are big fans of his and we’re thrilled to receive his support and bumper stickers!

Nugent has performed with the USO and gained a huge following by being a favorite with the troops. No wonder he made the list of “notables” for a visit with Our Dad’s Flag. Our thanks to Ted Nugent and all the folks at the “Official Community!” Visit Ted Nugent’s website for some great info and such…

Need More Nug?

Known for his hard guitar rock, meets straight edge, meets political call-it-as-you-see-it-ness, Ted Nugent possesses the a spirit of the real wild and outdoors. Aside from his incredible rock and roll experiences, he had dabbled in numerous outdoor reality television programs and is a published author of Guns and Rock ‘n’ Roll, BloodTrails II: The Truth About Bowhunting, Ted White and Blue: The Nugent Manifesto, and co-authored Kill It and Grill It.

“Our Dad” says he’ll be home for Christmas…therefore, “Our Mom” has got to get a move on getting him a homecoming and Christmas present by ordering one of artist Michael Hunt’s poster prints that have been personally autographed by Hunt and Ted Nugent to benefit Freedom’s Angels. From Ted’s website (link):

“Our daily pursuit of happiness and the American Dream is provided by the sacrifices of our military heroes and their families. Our Freedom’s Angels charity, through the always generous giving by so many, is but one way we can give back to those who have given so much.” —Ted Nugent

Good Night Detroit!

So we’re off to celebrate the end of our little man’s Kindergarden year as he hits the big 6-years-old this week. We’ll post again next week . . . with a visit that might give you the warm and fuzzies — or the iron sides . . . we’re not sure which one yet. Thanks for reading and we’ll catch up next week on all the travels of Our Dad’s Flag! Play it loud, play it proud! Rock on and share our project with a friend.  

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