Let The Games Begin!

Team USA is already in action across the pond in London as they enter the 17 days of the 2012 Olympic Games followed by the Paralympic Games. As the world comes together to compete with a total of 14,000 athletes, the family behind Our Dad’s Flag wish our home team all the best of luck in the games. GO TEAM USA!

Michael Phelps with Our Dad’s Flag

Our kids created a special version of Our Dad’s Flag that has spent the past few months at the Olympic Training Center (OTC) in Colorado Springs, CO in some very impressive company.  It’s been behind the scenes and with some familiar folks and new faces of the summer games who were happy to support military families by posing with Our Dad’s Flag. We’re rooting for Michael Phelps to become the most decorated Olympian in history. (We can’t wait to celebrate – only 3 more, go-ld for it!!) And we’re thrilled to show you some of the other Olympic friends we’ve made along the way.

John Orozco, USA Gymnastics, with Our Dad’s Flag

What could be better then training with these incredible athletes? Well…the flag is currently in London, AT THE GAMES!  “Jeah!” (a gratuitous nod to US swimmer Ryan Lochte.) This opportunity would not be possible without some incredible friends. Our most special thanks go out to Sherry Von Reisen, the ultimate Olympic house mother to the athletes at the OTC (her official title is Resident Athlete/Dorm Lead) and to Keith Bryant, Director of the Communications Division at the USOC. Thanks to Sherry and Keith and so many more great folks at the OTC for all their support of such great Olympic athletes, Our Dad and all those serving in the Armed Forces.

 The Teams, The Dreams

Team USA consists of two teams, chock full of patriotism, under one flag. The first Team USA will compete from July 27th – August 12th in the Olympic Games and the second, absolutely amazing Paralympic Team USA, will compete from August 29th – September 9th in their games, also held in London.

Donovan Ford, USA Weightlifting, at the OTC with Our Dad’s Flag

This experience for Our Dad’s Flag is SOOO HUGE that we’re going to start a new page featuring all of the visits at the OTC…and maybe some updates from the games in London. So please stay tuned and check back for the updates as we’ll be posting new photos and athlete info daily! This is such an honor that our Olympians and the folks who train and make it all possible for them – support our little project that means so much for our family and those throughout the US with a family member serving in the Armed Forces.

 Need more Team USA & Olympic Info?

Queen Underwood, USA Boxing, with Our Dad’s Flag

Be sure to tune into the Opening Ceremony of the Games of the 30th Olympiad on Friday, July 27th at 7:30 PM ET on NBC and then start your Olympic binge on day one packed with weightlifting, swimming, archery, judo, cycling and fencing. Follow http://www.nbcolympics.com/ for the complete coverage schedule and visit Team USA (www.teamusa.org) for complete bios on these rising and star athletes and to learn more on how you can support them.

Thanks for Bearing Our Torch

Our family would like to thank Team Weindel for their incredible link to Team USA. We are forever grateful for your friendship. As for you awesome readers, thank you so much for following our family project in patriotism. You know what to do…just like the Olympic Torch is passed on from bearer to the next…pass our story on. Encourage fans to sign up as a follower and cheer for the other USA team, our service men and women. Definitely check back for more exciting updates from Our Dad’s Flag visit with Team USA! Feel free to tweet all about it and like us on Facebook. 

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3 Responses to Let The Games Begin!

  1. sschmidtinfredonia says:

    Amazing! I can’t believe so many athletes are a part of “our Dad’s Flag”. Go team USA!!

  2. Elizabeth C. says:

    Wow this soo cool i saw the olympic ceremony last night and ill keep on watching

  3. auntytam says:

    WOW! WOW! WOW! I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw TEAM USA sporting Our Dad’s Flag. Great teamwork in Our Dad’s Flag project in patriotism. Hopefully Our Dad and the Troops can tune in from Afghanistan to see TEAM USA bring home the gold.

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