Even More: Team USA

 First off, we have to acknowledge the Olympic Great, Michael Phelps for being part of Our Dad’s Flag during this definitive – and awesome – season of his swimming career. 22 medals, 18 gold. Thank you Michael for the years of shock and awe – the wonder of you as an athlete, for being such a great role model our children, and for supporting Our Dad’s Flag for all of those serving in the Armed Forces of the United States.

The Other Queen in England

On Sunday, Quanitta “Queen” Underwood will be part of the huge win in the big fight of getting the approval to debut Women’s Boxing in the Summer Olympic Games. She will be the first American woman to enter the ring as one of 36 female fighters from the world over taking part in Olympic history — regardless of medaling. Queen will make her Olympic appearance in the Lightweight category taking on British Natasha Jonas. Maybe it’s time for another Queen — in England.   

Queen Underwood, USA Boxing, with Our Dad’s Flag

We thank Queen for being such a proud American, a trailblazer, and for taking part in Our Dad’s Flag. Sure, she’s considered a lightweight but what an incredible heavyweight role model for soo many. We also thank her for her incredible fortitude and transparency in helping others heal and dominate.  For so much more and then some about paying it forward, read more about Queen and the special attendance of her sister – against, many, but not all odds – debut at Strangers’ gifts send boxer Queen Underwood’s sister to London | Olympics | The Seattle Times.

More Team USA coming your way sooner than later. Stay tuned, we’re working on the great company that Our Dad’s Flag has kept with Team USA Sailing as they have currently set sail and Team USA Wrestling hitting the mats too. So much excitement, so much Olympic spirit in our house as we support all the American teams who have supported Our Dad and ALL of the troops! Go Team USA!

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3 Responses to Even More: Team USA

  1. bizliz05E says:

    Great to see “Our Dads Flag” make it to the Olympics along with all our wonderful athletes!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    C’mon! Michael Phelps has the flag! This project has gone so many places. How wonderful to have all of these very important people to recognize our soldiers in this way. Great job!

  3. GiGI says:

    Proud follower of “Our Dads Flag”. Great job. Love ya, GiGi

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