Team USA Sailing & U.S. Navy SEALs

Our Dad’s Flag with (l to r) Graham Biehl, Rob Crane & Trevor Moore, US Olympic Sailing Team.

In pursuit of a good regatta, the 16 member 2012 U.S. Olympic Sailing Team is afloat and cruising at the Olympic Sailing Venue in Weymouth, U.K. Our Mom’s gotta admit, she’s out of her league on any reports on this Olympic sport – RSX, Radial, 49er, Finn, 470, SKUD, etc.?! Oh my! Sailing is like another language to this land-locked family so we’ll do our best to give these sailors all their props (hoists and rigging?) needed. Our thanks again to Sherry Von Riesen of the Olympic Training Center for hooking Our Dad’s Flag to the sails of these great Olympians and developing teams as they trained in Colorado Springs, CO. 

Our Dad’s Flag with members of the 2012 US Olympic Sailing Team along with younger Development members.

One thing we learned through our friends at the Olympic Training Center is the importance of grassroots programs where younger, junior teams are trained with senior teams.  Sailing is one of those programs that spans the ages. In this photo of the U.S. Sailing group with Our Dad’s Flag you’ll note some 2012 Olympians alongside some of the younger up-and-coming crew. The return-on-investment? Future Olympic medals of course! Be sure to check out the bios of the U.S. Olympic Sailing team and see which 2012 Team members you can spot in this photo that support Our Dad and all those serving in the Armed Forces. Our thanks to such great skippers and crew, et. al.!

For more comprehensive facts on this team, download the PDF fact sheet, Did You Know Olympic Facts about the 2012 U.S. Sailing Team.  

Training with the U.S. Navy SEALs – the Real Deal

US Navy Seals at the Olympic Training Center with Olympic Swimming Great Summer Sanders.

So, just when these sailing specialists thought they knew from training as members of the U.S. Olympic Sailing and Development Teams . . . then the U.S. Navy SEALs show up to provide some extra training. This first-of-its-kind visit may have put a bit of wind in the team sails — or just left the teams well-winded — but well worth it! Check out this You Tube video from the U.S. Sailing Teams being trained by the U.S. Navy SEALs.

Our thanks to the U.S. Sailing Team and Development Team for taking part in Our Dad’s Flag and supporting our troops – no matter how bad the beat-down by the Navy SEALs! Remember, as the SEALs say, “The only easy day was yesterday!” Keep up the great work and here’s hoping you sail away from the 2012 games with great memories . . . and maybe some medals! For more information on the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Sailing Teams, members and great up-to-date blogs and videos, visit

Stayed Tuned

This has been busy work keeping up with the Olympic Training Center visits! We hope you’ve enjoyed it and that you’ll keep on reading. Next up some wrestling and triathalon tid bits and some awesome paralympic highlights — all in support of all those service men and women and their families who proudly hang a blue star service flag. To all of the teams of the U.S.A., we salute you!

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