“Flag-thlete” in London & More Team USA

Looking well-rested, fresh faced and on top of the world the day after their 2012 Olympic Medal wins, these greats of Track & Field took time to participate in Our Dad’s Flag live in London. Our thanks to Dave McDaniel, an Army veteran himself, for taking this photo in the athlete village, on the way to their interviews for NBC’s TODAY show.

Team USA 2012 Medalists: Kellie Wells (bronze-Women’s 100m hurdles), Dawn Harper (silver-Women’s 100m hurdles) and Leo Manzano (silver-Men’s 1500m) with Our Dad’s Flag in the Athlete Village, London.

We are honored to have been in the company of the high hurdling gals Kellie Wells (bronze medalist) and Dawn Harper (silver medalist) who raced and owned the 100m Hurdles with unmatched style and enthusiasm. Then there’s that awesome and sooo sneaky Leo Manzano — who took a steady-pace approach to the Men’s 1500m race, hanging toward the back of the pack — until that last lap where he made an amazing break away, sprinted like lightning and secured another silver medal for Team U.S.A.! (Our son is still chanting “Go Lee-o! Go Lee-o!” and our daughter is diggin’ Kellie’s hair color! And thanks to Dawn, both kids are jumping a proped-up broomstick in the living room!) Thank you all for taking part in Our Dad’s Flag, we hope you enjoy your new Olympic bling. Go Team U.S.A.!

All in the Family

Brother and sister Olympians Steven and Diane Lopez, 2012 Team USA Tae Kwon Do, with Our Dad’s Flag

Stay tuned to the Olympic Games for the Tae Kwon Do preliminary and medal rounds and keep a special lookout for Diana (57 kg) and Steven (80 kg) Lopez, the brother and sister members of Team U.S.A. (Here they are pictured with Our Dad’s Flag while it was in “Flag-thlete” training at the Olympic Training Center.) Steven is a three time Olympian and two time gold medalist while Diane took the Bronze medal in the 2008 Olympic games. Another Olympian sibling will join them at the 2012 games – their brother Mark who will serve as a training buddy for Steven and their other brother Jean is their coach. Keeping it all in the family is worth it’s weight in gold.

Our thanks to Steven and Diane and best wishes in the Games! Our Mom‘s sure that the kids will be suiting up in their yellow-stripe belts and practicing their strikes, blocks and kicks come go-time!

More Special Reports

We updated more of the Special Report: Our Dad’s Flag and Team U.S.A. so please be sure to check it out, especially if you like gymnastics and wrestling. Plus, there’s a behind-the-scenes look at WHO (and there are many) makes the Olympic Training Center in Colorado so special!

London is Still Calling

We are pleased that so many folks have checked in with our patriotic project – Our Mom‘s gotta admit, the Team U.S.A. postings have generated the biggest “ratings” the Our Dad’s Flag blog has had since the beginning of this patriotic project. It’s no wonder because the Olympics are a time of pride and wonder — these athletes are so wonderful and inspirational to soo many – let’s not forget to mention how awesome is Team U.S.A.?! We have more London coming up and more Olympic Training Center visits too. So stay tuned. Thanks for reading about the patriotic travels of Our Dad’s Flag!  If you enjoy it share it. 

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  1. auntytam says:

    Wow again! It is fantastc to see Our Dad’s Flag in London, and this time with some our TEAM USA Track and Field medalists. I saw interviews with hurdlers Kellie Wells & Dawn Harper after their race, and now seeing them with Our Dad’s Flag blew me away! And Leo had a great finish to snag silver. Way to represent USA and salute to Our Dad’s Flag and all of the troops around the world. Well done!

  2. Jean Borsellino says:

    Thank you for the great posts…

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