The Moon and a Star

In Memory : Neil Alden Armstrong, 1930-2012

Our Dad’s Flag remembers Astronaut Neil Armstrong, August 25, 2012.

When Our Dad listed the numerous people that he most admires he included Neil Armstrong, the famous American Astronaut who made one small step . . . as the first human on the moon on the surface known as the Sea of Tranquility. Our Mom and the children knew he would be an ideal host for Our Dad’s Flag as he fit criteria on so many levels: 1. He’s one of Our Dad’s most admired – celebrating 50 years since he was transferred to Astronaut status, 2. He made tremendous contributions to American history and space exploration, 3. He’s a well respected veteran of the Korean War.

Over the past six months or so we’ve approached many great Americans and institutions to host Our Dad’s Flag. It is with much regret that our attempts to recruit Neil Armstrong through NASA were fruitless but the good folks there were kind enough to return the flag and include a great portrait of the famed astronaut along with his bio and some Apollo stickers. Today, Our Dad’s Flag honors the memory of America’s great Astronaut, Neil Alden Armstrong: A Dad. An American icon. A hero.

Wishing him an eternal sea of tranquility.

From Earth to the Moon

Tom Hanks with Our Dad’s Flag behind the scenes at the 84th Annual Academy Awards.

How does one segue into an Our Dad’s Flag visit while mourning the loss of a great American? Well, we can only think of one flag host who has shown artistic light on the accomplishments of those such as Neil Armstrong and other space explorers in From Earth to the Moon and Apollo 13, as well as so many great works in tribute to all those service men and women in the World War via Band of Brothers, Saving Private Ryan, The Pacific, etc… Our family behind the scenes of Our Dad’s Flag would like to thank Mr. Tom Hanks for taking the time to support Our Dad – and all the service men and women of the Armed Forces serving so far from home.  

Our Dad’s Flag met up with Mr. Hanks behind the scenes of the 84th Annual Academy Awards® held in Los Angeles. Tom Hanks is not only a two time Oscar® recipient,  but nominated another 3 times and has a collection of other great awards including Golden Globes and  Emmys . . . just to name a few.  Our incredible thanks to Ms. Cheryl Marshall of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences of for her continued support of our family project in patriotism. Cheryl: from Our Mom and the kids – thank you for your support and friendship. Without you . . . we wouldn’t have been able to meet Mr. Hanks and – quite literally – thank the Academy!

We look forward to many more great works coming from Mr. Hanks including his dabble in the animated sci-fi internet series on Yahoo entitled Electric City, upcoming film Cloud Atlas and his work on and independent film about the assasination of President John F. Kennedy.

We’ve Got Your 6

So we’ve got your 6, Mr. Hanks. Thank you for being such a wonderful artist, talented writer, director, and everyman of wonderful world of motion picture arts and beyond. Your photo with Our Dad’s Flag at the Oscars® is currently in Afghanistan with Our Dad, being shared among the soldiers who need a smile knowing that someone like you has got their 6. (For more information on the  “Got Your 6″ campaign led by the entertainment industry to help create a new conversation in America, one where veterans and military families are perceived as both leaders and civic assets visit

104 Days of Summer Vacation

The days of summer vacation for Our kids is winding down. School’s back in session soon in our neck of the woods and the next Flag visit might be a bit fitting tribute to all that summer vacation is good for and why it’s awesome to be young and find a good way to spend it. (It will also give you more reasons to love your friendly neighborhood platypus.) If you don’t understand any of these hints, you’re simply not in the demographics, but our kids LOVED this flag visit so stayed tuned for the next episode…

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4 Responses to The Moon and a Star

  1. Anonymous says:

    Moon and Star–a tasteful salute to Neil Armstrong, and great segue to Tom Hanks, Oscar, and Our Dad’s Flag. What a great photo album you have assembled for Our Dad, and the all of the Troops. P.S. – Didn’t Neil Armstrong also “appear” with Tom Hanks in Forrest Gump?! Makes me want to watch more Tom Hanks movies!

  2. sschmidtinfredonia says:

    Great up to date post on Neil Armstrong! It is wonderful to see that the flag made it in Hollywood! Tom Hanks is a favorite of mine. Any part he plays is fabulous; the fact that he is holding the flag only makes him shine more in my eyes.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I love this “episode” of our dads flag. Neil Armstrong and Tom Hanks, 2 of my favorites also! Very nicely done.
    God bless “Dad” and the family!

  4. bizliz05 says:

    Looking forward to see how phinneas and ferb represent Our Dads Flag!

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