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The end of summer is marked by the annual United States Open tennis tournaments held at the Arthur Ashe Stadium in Forest Hills, NY. Currently underway, the Open is sure to please all tennis enthusiasts, and even to date, it’s won our family over for more reasons than just the opportunity to watch players give some grand slamming performances. We love the Open even more now because Our Dad’s Flag is sitting courtside to the matches.

Tennis champ Andy Roddick and US Open friend with Our Dad’s Flag at 2012 Open. Happy Birthday Andy and thanks for the amazing tennis memories!

30-Love: Happy Birthday and Impending Retirment Andy

 At home we have heavy hearts with the breaking news of Andy Roddick’s impending retirement following the current U.S. Open. An American tennis player who took home the Open title in 2003, a Grand Slam great and a No. 1 World Champion continued to charm the crowds in years since. He says he would never trade a day away from his 13 years of greatness in tennis. We thank him for this one, special day – his 30th birthdaythe day when he announced his upcoming retirement from tennis – and the day when he took the time to participate in Our Dad’s Flag. Thank you Andy Roddick. Thank you.

Greg Bishop of The New York Times reported, following the announcement of Roddick’s pending retirement that, “the most visible, most successful, most colorful American men’s tennis player in the past decade, the last American man to win a Grand Slam singles title, stamped his career with an official expiration date. His departure will shut the door on another era of American men’s tennis.”

Tune in Friday night (August 31st) to see Andy Roddick play his second-round match. To read more about Andy Roddick’s amazing tennis career read Roddick to retire after 2012 US Open by senior writer Erin Bruehl.

Our Thanks to a Smashingly Special Blue Star Mom

This is the first report of what might be a few while Our Dad’s Flag attends the Open. The flag is currently being hosted by the amazing Robin Jones, United  States Tennis Association National Military Programs and Facilities Consultant. We’ll have more on her and the incredible contributions to the US Military and their families made by the USTA in future posts. But for now, we need to thank her! It must be known that Ms. Jones is a proud Blue Star Flag bearer herself – her own son is currently serving in Afghanistan. Godspeed to him and all our troops.

As always, Our Dad’s Flag is not just a flag for “Our Dad” but for all Dads, Moms, Sons, Daughters, Husbands, Wives, Brothers, Sisters, etc . . . Our Dad’s Flag is just one small, handmade flag for all, because aren’t the Armed Forces, all for one? God Bless America and our troops. Thank you Ms. Jones, and America thanks your son!

Need More Open?

No worries! Log on to the official US Open website and catch the matches on the variety of channels including CBS, CBS Sports Network, Tennis Channel, and ESPN2.  

School Daze

We’re entering the final few days of summer vacation . . . “and school comes along just to end it.” (Yep, we’ll get to those cartoon fellas soon.)  Our kids have their school supplies, lunchbags and (Agent P) backpacks ready! So with that said, and with more U.S. Open excitement to come, stay tuned for some end of summer fun! Thanks for reading and following. If you’re not signed up as an email or Twitter follower let’s get a rally going – sign up and post a comment! We’d love to hear from you.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The end of summer, ugh! If only the weather would stay! Our daughter just joined the tennis team in high school. Maybe there’s a tennis open in her future! Until then, we will just enjoy the local tennis matches in fredonia, ny. Best of luck to all the kids going off to school this week. Summer went by so fast.

  2. auntytam says:

    Great to see Our Dad’s Flag makes its way from London to the U.S. Open and champ Andy Roddick! Robin Jones sounds like an amazing lady who is right on board with Our Dad’s Flag and the importance of saluting the troops. I will remember her son in my prayers as well. Lastly, I enjoyed the tennis analagies in this post and agree with a late summer rally for Our Dad’s Flag! Give me until the end of the Labor Day Weekend; I will try to get some new readers to log-on to this great blog.

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