A Final US Open Rally

Our thanks to USTA’s Robin Jones and best wishes for her son’s homecoming!

Our Dad’s Flag visit to the U.S. Open was amazing! Hopefully next year when Our Dad is back we’ll get down to the stadium for Arthur Ashe’s Kids Day and see some great matches as well. We thank Ms. Robin Jones for her hospitality while attending the matches in Flushing Meadows, NY and for her great work with military families, veterans and wounded warriors in her role with the USTA. This “Blue Star Mother” has much more excitement in store beyond the final rally of the Open . . . she’s now preparing to welcome her son home from his tour in Afghanistan.  Our family wishes Ms. Jones and her family all the best and a happy homecoming to all! Thank you all for YOUR service!

One Last Rally

The US Open winds up today in a match between the U.K.’s Andy Murray vs. Novak Djokovic of Serbia. We’ll be tuning in as our own little redheaded boy cheers on Murray while his grandmother cheers for Djokovic. Also, Congratulations to American Serena Williams on her US Open title!

We couldn’t pass this day of the Open final without thanking all of the great friends, players and members of the USTA for participating in Our Dad’s Flag especially Andy Roddick, Ryan McIntosh, and:

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