Summer Vacation

Our thanks to Jeff “Swampy” Marsh & Dan Povenmire!

Our Dad’s Flag had a very busy summer vacation but “school came along just to end it.” There was no finer anthem in our house than that of the famed Disney cartoon Phineas & Ferb theme song, dedicated to all kids finding some good ways to spend their summer vacation. So, we at Our Dad’s Flag know what we’re going to do today . . . we’re going to thank Dan Povenmire and Jeff “Swampy” Marsh, creators of Phineas & Ferb for participating in the Our Dad’s Flag project! You’re so awesome and our family cannot thank you and your cast & cronies for the endless fun, laughs, songs and platypus cluck-growls that we’ve grown to love and adore.

Our own Phineas on 1st day of school

This flag visit is one that was not on “Our Dad’s” list but one demanded by “Our” kids because Phineas & Ferb is one of their most favorite shows on television, especially on the Disney Channel. When Mom discussed sending the flag, the young ones had their doubts that people as important as the creators of such an outstanding children’s television program would ever take the time to participate in their wee little project. They were resigned to the fact that they’d probably have more luck asking the President of the United States to participate! (Editor’s note: Ahem.) But apparently, a Povenmire/Marsh ticket would now get their vote if 6 & 7-year-olds were allowed to impale a chad with the sharpened tip of one of their back-to-school-supply Ticonderoga pencils (which would then be neatly packed away in our son’s Perry the Platypus backpack.)

Our redheaded son favors Phineas (his twin), our daughter’s favorites are Ferb and Perry the Platypus while Dad appreciates Major Monogram (for his rank!)  as well as the chaos and wit of Dr. Doofenschmirtz and mom loves the sweet and sour of Baljeet and Buford. Thanks for all the adventures and fun.

Did Someone Say Disney?!?!

“Yes. Yes we did!” As some might remember, our summer vacation was highlighted by an incredible and ‘surprise’ leave visit from “Our Dad” where we reunited at the Orlando International Airport while he was on leave from Afghanistan. While in Florida we visited some of the great parks including Disney’s Hollywood Studios where our kids met  the Phineas & Ferb characters, got their autographs and  jammed out on air guitars. We also took a class in the Animation Studio to draw . . . who else? Phineas & Ferb!

Walt’s World

Ambassador Jennifer Mason with Minnie & the main mouse, Mickey!

Prior to our family trip, Our Dad’s Flag had it’s own visit to Walt Disney World courtesty of Mr. Thomas O. Staggs, Chairman, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts. He recruited Ms. Jennifer Mason in her role as one of two amazing Walt Disney World Ambassadors. 

Out on Main Street, USA, the flag visited with Guest Relations Cast Members

As Ambassador, Ms. Mason helps represent over 64,000 Cast Members working (and playing) at Walt Disney World.  She so kindly said that she, “had the honor of taking your Dad’s Flag to the Magic Kingdom and share your story with many of the Cast Members on Main Street, USA.” Mason, a military child in her own right, went above and beyond to host Our Dad’s Flag. Our eternal thanks for making the visit so special!

With the lovely Belle & Cinderella

Miss Barbara, Fire truck driver at WDW

The Disney theme parks are incredible to begin with, but add in their dedication to military families . . . they are out of this world! Our thanks to Mr. Staggs and the Disney Parks for offering discounts to military families and  to the awesome Shades of Greenmilitary hotel located on Disney property. During our visit we had the priviledge of meeting Ms. Mason and her fellow Ambassador (and Jedi guy) Norman Vossschulte, thanked them in person.

Walt Disney World is a place that values American Forces, respects and honors America with each flag raising and retreat and finely represents America’s Main Street, USA.  Thank you Ms. Jennifer Mason for such a VIP experience for Our Dad’s Flag!

Next Up…

So what would Phineas & Ferb recommend we feature next? Perhaps a visit to the worlds largest ball of stamps? Maybe going green with  a Hollywood hot shot? Perhaps help build a koala habitat? Who knows. Our Dad’s Flag is always finding a good way to spend it’s time promoting support for our troops.

Thanks for reading and sharing our family project in patriotism. Feel free to share. Tweet it. Facebook it. Forward it. Love it.

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  1. sschmidtinfredonia says:

    Disney World is most definitely magical place! Even as an adult, I am in awe of Cinderella’s castle each time I visit. I am so happy to hear about the special treatment military families receive when visiting Disney World. It should be this way wherever they go! It was great to hear that your family had such a good time.

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