We Are Thankful

Dear Dad: Happy Thanksgiving! We love and miss you and hope you can find some whole berry cranberry sauce in Afghanistan! To all the Armed Forces Serving far from home: Happy Thanksgiving and know that we are thinking of you all and very thankful for all that you do to help make our country great and as you assist those in need.

During this time of year we are thankful for many things like our family, friends and health. Aside from thanking Our Dad and all the Armed Forces for their service, we would especially like to thank all the “ambassadors” of Our Dad’s Flag, all the flag followers and visitors to this site. It’s really amazing to reflect upon all of our blessings and  the wonderful sites Our Dad’s Flag has seen and all the great people it’s met. We will truly give thanks on Thanksgiving Day!

Losses and Gains

Look Dad! My first tooth/teeth!!!

This past week we’ve been busy celebrating the loss of our son’s first tooth — well teeth actually. He lost two teeth in one day which scored him a $2.00 bill from the tooth fairy. Also, we are sad to announce that Elvis has left the building . . . our daughter’s Hermit Crab named Elvis passed on to crawl the sandy beaches of the great beyond. Although Dad never got to meet our crustacean cutie there are four more in their habitat waiting to celebrate his homecoming.

 Speaking of Great Sandy Beaches . . .

Now lets catch up on a wonderful visit we had during Dad’s deployment and be thankful for the hospitality by all the wonderful National Park Service folks, especially our friends in North Carolina at the Cape Hatteras National Seashore and Lighthouse . . .

At the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse with Park Ranger Mary Ann.

Park Ranger Chris and Park Ranger Mary Ann with Our Dad’s Flag at the top of the famous Cape Hatteras Lighthouse.

Our family is so thankful to these great Park Rangers and all the National Parks Service folks who do such a great job keeping America beautiful and open for so many to enjoy. “Our Dad” often swam in NC when he was a child and visited there often as a young adult so he has been talking it up to our kids. We can’t wait to travel as a family to North Carolina for a great vacation. To learn more about this historic and beautiful lighthouse visit them at the National Parks Service site.

Happy Thanksgiving and stay tuned for more great Our Dad’s Flag visits – our family project in patriotism that promotes support for our troops.

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2 Responses to We Are Thankful

  1. Patty B says:

    This is some great post! Congrats on the 2 teeth! I bet Dad is excited to see that! Happy Thanksgiving! Love you all! See you all soon!

  2. Dolores says:

    Thank you for all your wonderful stories of the family and a great history lesson with every single one! Wow, two teeth in one day, that may be a first! Blessings to all of you and the extended clan, and most especially, prayers for R-Dad and his fellow troops keeping us safe every day! Hoping to see all of you soon!

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