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Howdy neighbor! Our Dad's Flag with Buzz and Woody at Pixar.

Howdy neighbor! Our Dad’s Flag with Buzz and Woody at Pixar.

This Our Dad’s Flag posting is one for Our Kids. The young one’s behind Our Dad’s Flag would like to thank our friend out on the West Coast (Cheryl!), as she hit up her friends in Emeryville, CA at a company responsible for some of the best entertainment for children and their families in the form of Pixar Animation Studios. These are the great folks who bring us all of the amazing Toy Story movies (uno, dos, tres!), Monster’s Inc, Brave, Finding Nemo, Wall-E, Ratatouille, Up!, The Incredibles, Cars (uno, dos!), A Bugs Life, and so much more! (Stay tuned for the 2013 release of Monster University – check out the previews!)

Sullye and Mike, Monsters Inc with Our Dad's Flag at Pixar Animation Studios, CA.

Sullye and Mike, Monsters Inc with Our Dad’s Flag at Pixar Animation Studios, CA.

The history of Pixar starts with ties to George Lucas’ recruitment of Ed Catmull and John Lasseter, sale to the Apple-great and late Steve Jobs, technological breakthroughs with computer generated short films and award winning commercials, sale to Disney and incredible blockbuster first feature-length computer animated film Toy Story. Now run under Ed Catmull and the amazing creative guide of John Lasseter, Pixar never fails to turn out anything less than awesome entertainment with well-deserved awards throughout the industry. From shorts to full length films, the animated marvels have been enjoyed by our family, and so many more for years. (A special note to all those involved in the making of Brave: our six year old son’s favorite thing to do while reenacting the movie is shine a ‘moon’ to Mom saying, “Feast ‘yer eyes!”)

Oooh! Ahhhh!

Oooh! Ahhhh!

Our thanks to the great folks at Pixar for hosting Our Dad’s Flag and taking us behind the scenes of all the wonderful magic and entertainment. Special thanks to Michelle Moretta for being the flag ambassador and to Deborah Coleman   for the wonderful pictures and as always to Cheryl Marshall (get well soon!)

Our family is gearing up for the holidays and Our Dad said he’d be home for Christmas.  It’s been a long deployment year but we’re looking forward to one heck of a holiday homecoming. Stay tuned as we keep going on this virutal journey and project in patriotism. Thank you for reading.

Our Dad's Flag with Buzz Lightyear!

Our Dad’s Flag with Buzz Lightyear!

Our favorite Aliens with Our Dad's Flag!

Our favorite Aliens with Our Dad’s Flag!

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  1. Amy J says:

    So cool! Merry Christmas to your whole family, I know it will be a very special reunion.

  2. Anonymous says:

    That is amazing! I am sure the kids were thrilled with this new posting. Our Dad’s Flag has been more places than I have! Enjoy the well deserved homecoming. It will surely be an emotional one. However, I bet this project has helped all of you feel a little more connected to the brave men and women over in Afghanistan. Judging by the places the little flag has been, it has been a worthy endeavor.

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