Strike Up the Band!

There have been many special folks who’ve carried Our Dad’s Flag over the past year. This time last year, the flag was busy remembering the Alamo and helping issue a warm – as he wakes – welcome to Punxsautauney Phil on Ground Hog’s Day.  Then of course it was on to party at Mardi Gras and “hog nob” with folks like Tom Hanks at the 2012 Academy Awards. So, speaking of great parades, parties and good music, we cannot forget one wee porcine friend (and creator) who hosted — and hoisted — Our Dad’s Flag.

By David Hyde Costello 2012

Little Pig parades with Our Dad’s Flag!

Our thanks go out to author/illustrator/musician/puppeteer/entertainer-extraorinaire David Hyde Costello! He participated in Our Dad’s Flag and had his most recent book character Jacob (a.k.a. Little Pig) host the flag as he marched with pride, in step and in time, with all those in Little Pig Joins the Band (Charlesbridge Publishing, 2011).

Little Pig Joins the BandOur family enjoyed this book as it empowers children who think that sometimes they’re too small to play an important part…to think again…because, well, sometimes that’s just plain old hogwash!

David also wrote and illustrated Here They Come! and I Can Help (available on Amazon hint, hint!) and works as a scenic designer for motion pictures and stage. David has also painted and created puppets for theatrical productions and is an avid recycler of cardboard and other reusable materials — not just for the environment — but for entertainment purposes as well! Mr. Costello  has a fine-tuned speciality of home-made musical instruments built from inexpensive and/or recycled materials. He combines engineering, invention, entertainment and a lil’ bit of’ magic that according to his website is to “nurture the idea that when it comes to making music, everyone can join the band.”

Little Pig would recommend you use your spare web surfing time wisely! Finish reading Our Dad’s Flag and then go immediately to experience the magic of David Hyde Costello’s YouTube marvel, Mouse’s Marble-Mobile (and then follow up that experience with the Making Mouse’s Magic-Mobile). Share it with a friend, it’s a real marble marvel!

We’re enjoying having Our Dad home and look forward to brining you more of the flag visits that took place this past year (while also waiting for some flags to be returned, ahem!) Forgot our mission with this little flag? Read How It Works.  Thanks for reading and sharing.


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2 Responses to Strike Up the Band!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Love the pig

  2. sschmidtinfredonia says:

    As an elementary teacher I will be sure to read Little Pig Joins the Band and use the other ideas with my students. I am always looking for new and meaningful books to read with my kids. I am happy that Dad is home and that life is getting back to normal (whatever that is!). This was a great project to do. The flag has certainly been to many important places and been hosted by people who contribute daily to the well-being of our country. Thank you to everyone!

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